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Waypoint Processing is a state licensed contract manufacturer, processor and distributor of cannabis products in the great state of  Michigan. We offer toll processing services with a wide range of white labeling, co-packing & formulation.

Our backgrounds and core competency is in product development. If you are interested in creating new product not listed below, we would love to talk!


We can help you grow your brand your way.


White Labeling - A winning combination; Waypoint handles processing and packaging to your specifications, while you focus on marketing and building your brand. These services can include, but not limited to, target market identification, new product development, exclusive formulation creation, unique flavor combinations, distinctive design concepts, and creative graphic art support.

Brand Collaborations / Co-packaging - A strategic union between two separate brands! This offers each brand leverage for reputation while expanding the customer reach and exposure. Both brands are reflected on packaging and marketing. Typically a limited release, the exclusivity adds to the consumer hype. 

Extraction - Waypoint's extraction team lead by Errlking Concentrates has catapulted Waypoint to where it is today. Over a decade of experience paired with refined technology, plus true passion from masters of innovation, we pride ourselves on our quality of oils. We offer multiple different extraction methods.

Custom and House Formulations - Whether you have a formulation ready to send into production, or you're looking for assistance to develop a new formulation, Waypoint's Flavor Lab has you covered. We'll share our market expertise to develop your idea into a delicious, safe, and consistent viable product. 


Whether you are entry level just emerging into the market, an existing brand looking for expansion, or a dispensary looking for store branded products, we have a proven plan for growth in all areas. Our team will develop a structured plan with a clear vision to move forward.

Waypoint has a deep understanding of Michigan's market, the current state regulations, and how to navigate through all the intricacies that comes with.  We have an extensive network of professional connections within the industry that we are happy to extend to you, along with 
access to our proprietary production processes.

As Michigan's market grows, Waypoint continues to expand its operations and services offering the latest technologies and innovation. In doing so, we will continue to provide a reliable and scalable infrastructure to all our clients. 


Waypoint offers, but not limited to, the products listed below. 


- High quality Michigan grown flower
- Flower only or Infused with Oil
- Multiple size cones to fit your brand
- Twisted or Crowned finish
- Personalized filter tips 


Vape Carts

Selection of vape cartridges and disposable vapes. A variety of different sizes and style hardware.

- Live Resin Based​

- Rosin Based

- Distillate Based 


​* We do not use any cutting agents!



- Shatter, Wax & Crumble

- Sugar & Badder

- Cured Whipped Badder

- Diamonds & Terp Sauce

- Rosin & Live Rosin

- And more...

EK_3G_Crumble (1).png


- Custom shaped molds

- Exclusive formulation

- Fine-tuned flavors

- Specific terpene blends

- Varying cannabinoid ratios



- Exclusive formulation

- Varying cannabinoids and ratios

- Natural or artificial flavoring

- Full spectrum or distillate based

- Multiple bottle sizes and style



- Exclusive formulation

- Additional herbs

- Additional essential oils

- Varying cannabinoids and ratios

- Full spectrum 

- Multiple jar sizes and style

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